Government Contract Proposal Writing Tips

Federal affairs are a actual advantageous business. However, acquirements how to access projects takes time, accomplishment and investment. Angle autograph for government affairs is by no bureau a simple process. However, if you advance to acknowledge to the agency’s Request for Angle (RFP), you will accept to accompany added to the table than just accepting a acceptable abstruse writer. The absoluteness is that the “status quo” no best gets the win. You accept to do added than the basal RFP requirements.

Agencies are now aptitude appear trade-offs to absolve their best amount determinations. Lowest amount does not necessarily get the award. As above government application admiral and associates of antecedent alternative teams, we accept in fact advised affecting proposals and able efforts by abstruse writers – we apperceive immediate that abandoned the proposals that accept actuality and accord the government added amount and what source-selection admiral wish to apperceive in fact win the contract. The bureau wants to feel like it is accepting a acceptable accord – not just reviewing bids with the basal abode criteria.

Reasons Why Government Proposals Fail: The aboriginal affair to accede if responding to a multi-million dollar action is whether you accept the account to do what it takes to win. Acknowledged companies absorb anywhere from $13K to $20K for angle autograph casework for a arrangement admired anywhere from $1M-5M. Never just cut and adhesive old proposals for an accessible project. Agencies atom templated responses from a mile abroad and automatically put your amalgamation angle to the basal of the pile.

When responding to a government Request for Proposal, we accept begin that the afterward summarizes why angle fail.

1. The acknowledgment is not specific and to the point. Government RFP alertness requires the applicant to clear the key areas to the solicitation. Never try to abode a book and apprehend the bureau to accept what you are aggravating to say. Angle writers accept to be actual specific and to the point.

2. Too abundant focus on “we can do the work” instead of “how we are traveling to do the work.” If allocation proposals, the government places a cogent accent and weight on the bidder’s abstruse approach. You accept to spell out HOW you in fact accomplish anniversary appearance of the Statement of Work. Summarizing will not advice you.

3. No accent on your accident administration and superior assurance. One of the baleful mistakes in government arrangement angle autograph is that bidders miserably abort to abode and highlight their accident administration and superior assurance. The government is not traveling to accolade a arrangement account millions and never pay absorption to the accident involved. Anniversary angle biographer that understands government application accept to cover accident administration into the acknowledgment to the solicitation. If you don’t, afresh your antagonism absolutely will.

4. Abortion to accept best amount considerations. In federal contracts, amount abandoned is not the belief for accolade and neither is accomplished performance. Sometimes, agencies will accede a price/ accomplished achievement accommodation if because awards. However, able angle autograph includes added than just these factors. Congress has appropriate that taxpayers’ money should get the “best bang”. Since the government about buys bartering casework and products, behest on government affairs should absorb factors frequently acclimated in the bartering industry. This includes warranties, discounts for volume, accelerated schedules etc. At Watson & Associates, our success stems from the adeptness to advice you to see the big account in federal accretion and brainwash the bureau if autograph government proposals.

5. Relying too heavily on teaming ally and subcontractors. Abortion to accept that teaming aphorism can be the kiss of afterlife in government angle writing. Abounding companies that action angle autograph casework do not accept how to abstain this commonly-made mistake. Although FAR 9.6 allows for teaming and subcontracting, there are aswell limitations on subcontracting. If proposing a subcontractor or teaming partner, you accept to accept the acknowledged limitations. Abortion to accurately adduce your aggregation can accountable you to a bid beef based aloft affiliation. Behest on government affairs bureau that the prime architect (you) accept to accomplish the appropriate allotment of activity costs and not canyon through the analytical aspects of the project. This is yet addition acumen why our acquaintance as bid beef and government arrangement attorneys adds amount to our angle autograph services.

As a accepted rule, there are ten basal attempt that will put you on the appropriate clue to success in government RFP and angle writing

1. Consistently learn, apprentice and apprentice afresh the attributes of the government’s problem. If you cannot accept and acknowledge to the agency’s problem, you artlessly will end up with an eloquently accounting certificate with no actuality and defective depth. The federal government publicizes its opportunities in a alternation of solicitations. As an able angle writer, you accept to read, reread and accept the solicitation. For example, boilerplate responses to a Request for Angle (for medical supplies) artlessly inject paragraphs of how committed to chump account the applicant maybe; then, the applicant artlessly submits its appraisement and accomplished performance. The acceptable angle uses a altered strategy. Instead of drowning the RFP acknowledgment with ‘fluff’, the accomplished angle adviser will admonish his applicant to aboriginal altercate the industry and problems associated with this accurate industry including problems accomplished by added barter – this sets the date for absolution the government apperceive that you are advanced of the competition. You afresh call how you can anticipate these problems and call what if annihilation you will do to abbreviate accident (this substantiates amount and shows added amount to the government.)

2. Never anticipate that the government has no abstraction of what your account or artefact costs. Acknowledged bidders accept the access of the absolute government estimate. The accretion rules crave the government to authorize some array of estimate. A lot of agencies do their homework. However, some still use the anachronous alignment that puts abeyant bidders at risk. Caution: The adjustment accession at the government appraisal does not consistently plan in your favor – the bureau should conduct assay in the bartering area to see what agnate articles and casework cost. Unfortunately, abounding agencies artlessly await on added bureau appraisement to appear up with the government estimate.

3. Consistently focus on assault your competitor. This is a mindset that swallows up amateur angle autograph staff. Abounding artlessly focus on responding to ‘only what the abode calls for’ and annihilation more. At best, this band of cerebration will get you aural the aggressive ambit but not win the award.

Our angle autograph consultants admonish our acknowledged audience to focus on assault the antagonist while still acclamation the government’s charge – annihilation abroad matters. Yes, you consistently accept to acknowledge to the belief accurately as set alternating in the solicitation. However, this sets the date (and a accepted trap) for abandoned the basal requirements. Be alert that your antagonism is aswell responding to the aforementioned RFP. You accept to beat them to get the award.

As you acknowledge to anniversary area of the RFP, consistently ask yourself, “what is your antagonist traveling to write?” If you don’t ask this question, you will assuredly acquisition out during a debriefing of apprehension of non-selection for the bid.

4. For acknowledged government angle writing, you accept to accept a absolute compassionate of the accretion rules. To say contrarily is akin to applying for a job at a ample association after alive annihilation about the company. Abounding companies appoint angle writers who accept no clue, or even a basal compassionate of the rules complex with procurement.

For example, abounding government arrangement proposals crave you to altercate your teaming ally and subcontractors. Added specifically, to altercate the roles and percentages of the contract. Abounding companies dive into this bang after alive the rules and laws of teaming and subcontracting. The aftereffect is that abounding companies accountable themselves to accident a bid beef for abuse of the NAICS standards.

A additional archetype is abortion to accept the accommodation process. The application administrator and the bureau accept advanced acumen if free what is a acceptable accord for the government. If you abort to add added best-value considerations, you about duke added acumen for accommodation determinations. If you don’t accord the bureau something to consider, over and above amount and accomplished performance, your angle will fail.

5. Unrealistic Angle Appraisement – Consistently be bashful on profit. The old adage that you can amount yourself out of business applies to government contracting. As accomplished angle autograph consultants, we admonish our audience to break aural assertive acceptable percentages depending on the industry. However, a acceptable angle autograph action is to actualize your appraisement angle by answer analytical processes and the costs associated with them. Assert accepted industry convenance and absolve your prices. Never acquiesce the government to assumption at why your appraisement is top or low. If you can attempt with an added low price, your angle acknowledgment should explain why your aggregation can accomplish at such low prices. The abode may especially accompaniment that too low of a amount may announce that you do not accept the angle requirements. Do not accord the government application administration this luxury.

6. You accept to call the ‘horsepower’ abaft your aggregation – Aka, Administration Approach. This is a analytical allotment of the proposal writing process. Acknowledged bidders apprentice to how to abode able resumes accurately for federal RFPs. Artlessly put, acceptable resumes don’t advance to awards. The government wants all-embracing advice about the ‘top brass’ in your organization. Remember, abstruse proposals are abounding heavily if behest on government contracts. Consistently allocution about your key personnel, their acquaintance and how they will participate in this government project.

7. In Government Angle Autograph never altercate your weaknesses. This is one of the a lot of accepted accessories in government arrangement angle writing. If you see accent in the abode that asks you to call accomplished problems and how you handled them – warning, footstep lightly.

For example, if you absent activity schedules in a antecedent architecture project, you may artlessly wish to use addition activity for accomplished achievement and altercate it. The government does not wish to accolade a architecture activity to a aggregation that has a history (even if abandoned once) of missing deadlines.

The bigger angle autograph access is to altercate abeyant problems in this specific activity and afresh altercate how you intend to affected them.

8. Never apprehend to get a actor dollar arrangement for pennies. As mentioned angle autograph and development for a multi-million dollar arrangement is based aloft a acceptable RFP response. Bluntly put, a amount in English will not get you a multi-million dollar contract. You accept to realistically account for success. Although the accomplishment of a abstruse biographer is analytical to the federal angle autograph process, there is a huge aberration – acquaintance and ability of the rules.

9. Secure angle writers that accept the accretion rules and the antecedent alternative process. This is a appropriate agency if searching to appoint a angle development outsourcing staff.

10. Apprentice how to aces able angle writers. The Internet is ashore with angle writers for government contracts. However, acrimonious the a lot of able ones is the catchy part. Abounding shoppers about wish to apperceive how abounding proposals a being has accounting in that specific industry; or what is their success rate.

To be aboveboard – angle writers do not accept to be technically accomplished in your industry. There are adapted rules in the behest process. Accept those rules, accommodation strategies and how to present your amalgamation in a acceptable address are the cornerstones of behest on federal government contracts.

When you are searching for QUALIFIED PROPOSAL WRITER OR CONSULTANT, actuality are accordant credibility to consider:

Level of acquaintance in federal government contracting

Have them call important issues if autograph about best value

The akin of acquaintance they accept in responding to government RFPs that absorb teaming ally or subcontractors

Ask what does the government charge to apperceive about a -to-be applicant to set a top impression

Understand that above-mentioned win ante do not agreement a win in this effort. A lot of businesses seek angle writers based on their win ante – abandoned to lose in this accurate effort. As government arrangement lawyers, we aswell get the aforementioned catechism – what is your win rate? Not abandoned is this ambiguous but the assay and inference of above-mentioned win ante can be negative. The catechism to ask is how would you adviser my aggregation into possibly acceptable this project?

Each RFP is altered and the focus accept to be specific to the angle at duke – how are you traveling to advance the abode and abide a acceptable angle on THIS project?

Agencies attending for altered things in their solicitations

Not all agencies chase the FAR (See FDIC)

Rating belief is altered in around all RFPs

Lowest amount (alone) is not the approved claim for accolade in federal contracts

High- Caliber Advice Sets You Apart from Your Competitors

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